5 Habits You Can Start Today For A Positive Mindset

Every year, many of us use the start of a new year as a way to refresh and restart. While planning and focusing on creating new habits is a great thing, we often find ourselves overwhelmed by month two or three. I think a lot of this stems from our lofty (although well-intentioned) goals and the pressure we place on ourselves to meet them. 

A big part of creating new habits or learning something new is repetition. However, without the right mindset, we are bound to find ourselves frustrated yet again or losing our focus. This is why I believe it’s important to focus on our foundation first. Below are 5 habits you can incorporate today to build a foundation that will help you meet your goals.

  1. Affirm! Try to make one of the first things you read in the morning something positive. For me, I use this affirmation deck. And on the days when I’m not really feeling it or my routine’s interrupted, I use the Mantra app.
  2. Take a few minutes to write out some thoughts. An easy way to start this habit is by using a guided journal with prompts. 5 min Journal app or physical copy.
  3. Move (5-15 min workout/walk) even for busy/SAHM/WAHM/working moms
  4. Read (pick a blog: Feedly is a great way to keep up with your favorite blogs; read at least twice a day, 5-10 minutes preferably in the morning or at night)
  5. You choose one: increase water intake, go to bed one hour earlier, wake up one hour earlier

Notice I didn’t include “self-care”. The reason why is it also has to do with reframing your mindset. Self-care is anything you do for yourself. This entire list includes various acts of self-care. So, if you’ve been struggling to figure out how to incorporate more self-care into your schedule or if “more self-care” is one of your resolutions, you’re solving both by incorporating this list into your routine. 

You can start with one, and add a new habit each week. Or, you can focus on one thing for at least 21 days, and then add on another after that.

Which steps can you get started with today? Leave a comment & let us know!

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