STOP SHAMING: Social Distancing With Kids

A lot has happened in the past week, to say the least. For some of us, we have been waiting & preparing for the dam to break, so to speak. But for the majority of us in America, this past week was an emergency call to action as our daily lives are being rearranged. As the push for more social distancing increases with more people working from home & schools closing, families are having to figure out fast how to keep their kids both focused and entertained. 

Across social platforms, I’ve seen so many people ask a variation of the same question: What am I going to do with my kids all day?! It’s a valid question and a valid concern. School-age kids are missing regular instruction and routine that’s found in the school days. Sure, parents also have to plan similarly around summertime and spring breaks. But the difference is that that is usually planned months and even weeks ahead of time. Having a few days to figure out how to keep your kids “on track” or just simply occupied for 14 days, while you are presumably also working from home, is a TASK. 

For the most part, I’ve seen awesome responses in the parenting community. But there are still those who think that implying the questioning parent is not going to “enjoy” having this time with their kids is completely missing the point. For parents who are not normally SAH or WFH parents, this is a new frontier. Not only does that parent likely have to figure out how to manage their workday from home, but they also now need to manage their kids’ day at home, for at least 5 days, as well. 

“Enjoy that kid! And then Enjoy that Kid Some More”

– an example of what NOT to say

Telling an inquiring parent that they should just enjoy this time neither helps nor adds to the conversation. It is an implication that the inquiring parent is not going to enjoy being at home with their kids. This is an unreasonable assumption (as almost all assumptions are) and just completely unnecessary. 

So I say to all those who are rightfully nervous about what quarantine and social distancing will look like with active & opinionated children of all ages: I know you are grateful to be with your children. I also know you are nervous about many things in this uncertain situation. I also understand that having routines and schedules helps to alleviate anxiety and fears. So ask & search away without inviting guilt into your world. Whatever *safe* activity you plan for your kids IS GOOD ENOUGH. 

I wish you & your family all the best.

If you’re looking for some activities to do at home with your baby or toddler, check out my list here. I’ll be updating this list daily as well.