Staying Active While Social Distancing

With many states transitioning to stay at home orders, we have to find ways to get & stay active. I live in a big city, so getting in a walk or time outside has always been crucial to our routine, but it was much easier when we could actually leave the house! Now, with parks being discouraged (because we’re practicing social distancing) and the uncertainty around how the virus lives, it’s probably best to figure out how to get some physical activity while staying indoors. 

For those of you outside of a big city or high rise, you’re in luck as you might have a yard or patio that’s convenient for you. Everything I share here can be used by anyone & all fitness levels (even if you have none!), but I especially want to help those who are in apartments or without an outdoor space to safety go to. You can do pretty much all of these workouts with no special equipment. Another plus: everything listed is FREE, unless noted otherwise.

My biggest tips for incorporating some of these activities are:

 1. Just try! Even if you don’t get through the whole thing. Make it a point to at least try.

 2. Open the curtains/blinds/shade! Even on a rainy day. Let the light in while you get active (if you’re moving during the day). I PROMISE it makes a difference.



Full Body/Low-Impact

“Worth it” Free Trials

Stay safe & active, everyone!