Two Things Can Be True At Once: Validating Feelings During Tough Times

“A lot is going on,” is probably the understatement of the year. A new decade has started and completed uprooted life as we know it, across the globe. I think even saying that we are in uncertain times does not adequately describe the feeling that things might not be the same. 

On the one hand, this can feel very scary. I know for me, any time that I can’t rationally calm my fears with either facts or knowledge, I’m in trouble of allowing my anxiety to consume me. But then I think of all the times I’ve hoped for change, on a global scale. All the times where I wanted people everywhere to come together & do what we can to save our Earth. And then other times where it felt difficult to imagine a world different from the one we’re living in. 

What’s happening across the globe right now IS scary. It does make me anxious. Not to mention, it’s just downright DIFFICULT. From social distancing, worrying every week about getting groceries (city living + groceries + stay home orders = ANXIETY). But it also makes me hopeful. It’s helping me to really practice what I preach around compassion. And not just for myself, but extending that outward. 

Many things can be true at once. This is a really difficult & scary time. And for me, it is also a hopeful & exciting time in that I’ve somehow found the space to really dig into myself during this time. For all the anxious, scary, or painful thoughts & feelings we’re having these days, I hope we can try to find at least one bright thing.