Tips on Managing Life’s Transitions

I want to share some practical tips that I believe can be useful and applied to many of life’s different transitions. Change is constant. It is also inevitable. These tips are not to dismiss the grief and pain that comes with many types of life transitions. But, in my experience, they can help in learning how to just let your feelings be. 

Honor what’s changing in your life and what may no longer be there.

These are not tips where you need to have the perfect setup, the perfect space to sit in, etc. For me, I had made it to a point where I needed to do something. Anything. I started writing on my phone. Then after moving, I found an old notebook with empty sheets and started writing there. Eventually, I got a new set of journals, and I purposely did not spend too much time on finding the “right” one. My preferences were lined, sewn bound, and with a closure or band. For you, your starting place could also be your phone or tablet that you’re reading this on. Maybe it’s typing it out. Maybe you have some random paper and you’re going to draw. The point is, it’s important to just start. Show up. Give it a try and see if any of these help you breathe a little bit easier.

  • Acknowledge the Change – Denial of how a change can and will affect you is apart of the process. However, we should try to move past the denial and into acknowledgment. Acknowledge the loss that the change is bringing. Working through grief can help move you forward. Feel your feelings. Honor what’s changing in your life and what may no longer be there. Try not to push past those feelings.
  • Journal Through It – Anywhere you can. Once, Daily. Scribble, Doodle. It’s totally up to you. Studies have shown that journaling, in whatever form you choose, can help with “a reduction in anxiety, depression, and even the frustration tied to ADHD symptoms,”.
  • Prep or Plan Where You Are – Find the time. Make time. For whatever it is that you need at that time. Organize and schedule what you can. If you have the time to plan out an unpacking schedule, do that. If you need a plan or information on how your transition will affect your little one, take as much time as you need to find out. If you only have a small amount of time in the day for yourself, decide ahead of time how you will use that time & get prepared for it. Try to gather everything you will need ahead of time. Planning can help you see really what you have time for. And this isn’t about trying to pack everything into a day or a week, or any rigid timeframe. The last time you moved may have been before you had a child, so is it realistic to think you can pack and unpack in the same amount of time now? Remember to be gentle with yourself.

Below I’ve included some more resources on processing change, journaling tips, & moving through life’s transitions.