How do stay at home moms stay sane

How Do Stay At Home Moms Stay Sane? Top 3 Secrets and 25 Tips!

Most stay at home moms will tell you that it’s the most difficult, busiest, exhausting, yet rewarding and fulfilling job there is. Being a stay at home mom comes with lots of joy, laughs, cuddles and proud moments, but it also comes with worry, fear, anxiety, responsibilities, as well as, the mental, emotional, and physical stress at times. It can often be difficult for stay at home moms to keep their sanity and maintain a healthy balance between the many roles they take on each day. In this blog post, we’ll explore a question and topic that most stay at home moms are yearning to find a solution for, “how do stay at home moms stay sane?”.

How do stay at home moms stay sane?

Stay at home moms can stay sane by learning how to prioritize tasks, creating boundaries between family and work life, and taking care of their mental health with self-care and moral practices. Additionally, connecting with those in similar situations through online and offline support systems can be beneficial.

To learn more about how to stay sane as a stay at home mom, continue reading, as we’ll discuss what it takes to find peace and balance in a busy, fulfilling role.

Here’s How To Stay Sane As A Stay At Home Mom

Aside from some basic principles every stay at home moms need, like staying healthy, adequate rest, prioritizing tasks, setting boundaries, self-care, having a support system, and recognizing the beauties of every moment, there are some less talked about essentials that will make a huge difference in your life as a stay at home mom.

I’ve experienced many high and lows in the past years of being a stay at home mom, but when I look back at the low moments of postpartum anxiety, sadness, isolation and routine tasks, I had to ask myself the big question. Was it worth it? This question is important, because the happy, proud moments of being a stay at home mom are always fulfilling, and in those moments, we can think that it is worth all the stress and emotions. But, sometimes life happens and those things in life are what carries over into our family and home life to.

For example, before my toddler would wake up, I’d wake up 2.5 hours early, to make coffee, organize the pantry, do a 45 minute workout, and watch my favorite morning talk show. Once my day as a stay at home mom begins, when the toddler wakes up, I’m tired again from a workout and the early morning coffee may not have been necessary if I’d slept in 2 hours later.

The morning show, was also barely watched, because instead of paying attention, I scrolled through social media, and began comparing myself to other moms who seemed to have it all together. Only placing myself in a bad mood. It wasn’t worth it, and only made the remainder of the day more difficult, and I didn’t even know it.

I had to make a change. That looked like only waking an hour early, if even necessary, and using that time for things that would set my day up for success. This is known as pre-tasking. Pre-tasking is doing the things you know will set you up for success, before your day begins.

How To Use Pre-Tasking To Stay Sane As A Stay At Home Mom

It’s important to remember that staying sane as a stay at home mom is not only possible, but it’s also necessary in order to keep the family unit running smoothly. Pre-tasking is not about doing more, but rather it’s about taking time to prep things in advance that will actually save you time, stress, and energy throughout the day or week. You can prep your mind, your body, your children’s play space, meals, chores, work and more.

Pre-tasking can start at the beginning of the month, the beginning of the week, the night before, or earlier in the morning depending on when your typical day schedule entails. Pre-tasking can be as simple as laying out your children’s clothes the night before, to prepping meals ahead of time. It also includes taking care of yourself mentally and physically in advance so you don’t have to worry about it during the day.

Here are some examples of pre-tasking:

Weekly Meal Planning: Instead of making pancakes or eggs every morning, try taking a Saturday to make 30 pancakes, and 20 breakfast burritos to store in the freezer. Use a pancake pan that makes about 6-8 pancakes at a time. Here’s a link to the one I like to use. This will make prepping tons of pancakes in s short amount of time quite simple and can be done in 15 minutes. Use a large pan to make a dozen scrambled eggs at once, lay out a pack of tortillas and put eggs in each one to roll up and freeze for later. And just like that you’ll have breakfast for the entire month. Now that’s worth it!

Morning Stretching: Another way to pre-task is by stretching the morning before. Stretch out your arms, legs and back while listening to an inspiring podcast or YouTube channel. This will give your body more sufficiency through the day and motivation as well

Intentional Kids Space: This can be pre-tasking in the form of organizing a play space or setting up activities for kids. Clear out any toys that are no longer being used and put them away, organize the others into bins according to type, then set out some arts and crafts supplies, books, puzzles and other fun stuff ahead of time. This will make it easier for your kids to get their creativity flowing in the mornings, so they have something to look forward to. Montessori Set Ups are great for this and you can learn more about it here. With Montessori you can also teach your child self sufficiency.

More examples or pre-tasking includes:

  • Spend a day setting out clothes for the entire week
  • Write a list of 7 meals you plan to make for the week
  • Stretch for 5-10 minutes before starting your day
  • Fill your water bottle at night
  • Invest in a vitamin container, and fill for each day of the week
  • Create a laundry schedule (one load per day), to avoid overload
  • Set up a schedule for phone/computer time and stick to it
  • Make snack bags, that are easily in reach
  • Plan out your budget at the beginning of each week
  • Dedicate 10 minutes each morning or night to devotions
  • Read an inspiration post each morning
  • Listen to an inspiration podcast in the shower/bath

Pre-tasking may sound daunting and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Not only does pre-tasking save time, but it also allows you to feel more in control and organized. Being organized can lead to a more productive and stress-free day. Give pre-tasking a try and see how it transforms your day-to-day routine and helps you stay sane as a stay at home mom.

Choose Your Battles and Stay Positive

There are something that we just don’t have control over, like traffic, the weather or other people’s actions. But, there are also some that we do actually have control over, like our own temperament, attitude, and actions. Within the many tasks, chaos, and obligations that come with being a stay at home mom, it’s important to be mindful of which battles you choose to take on.

Not everything is meant. for us to take on. Obssesing over everything that we can’t control will drive us insane. A big one is tantrums, meltdowns, and outbursts from our children. Kids are going to have emotional outbreaks at times, its part of being a kid and it’s something that you will learn to accept.

Instead of getting angry or stressed over it, acknowledge it and affirm your child’s feelings by saying things like “I understand why you feel angry right now”. Then take some time to model by example. You can do so bu choosing to stay calm, positive, an allowing your child some space. Eventually they will follow your example and you too will avoid being upset over something that is normal and typical,

Stay at home moms lead very hectic and often chaotic lives, but choosing to make the best out of difficult situations, like finger painting rainbows on the window, on a rainy day, (washable of course), will help you stay sane as a stay at home mom. Stay positive when things don’t go as planned – it will save you from unnecessary stress and headache in the long run. Choose your battles wisely, be patient and remind yourself that each day is filled with new opportunities.


Being a stay at home mom can be both stressful and rewarding, but with the right attitude and some pre-tasking you can make the most out of it. Pre-task by organizing your day ahead of time and teaching your children self sufficiency through Montessori set ups. Make sure to choose your

Be Flexible, Loosen Up Your Tight Schedule!

We’ve all heard it, and many of us abide by it, and that is that children need routine schedules to thrive. But is that always true and necessary? The truth is that children need STABILITY not schedules. They are similar, but different.

If your emotions, mental health, and mood is unstable, and one moment you excite, the next you’re exhausted, your children will sense this. If your tight schedules helps you to stay sane as a stay at home mom, I am very happy to hear that, and I encourage it. But, if it drives you crazy, makes you insane, and takes away your joy, it may be time to alter it.

Our temperament and what our children can expect form us, is more important that the daily activities they expect. They depend on us for guidance, and if our mood is forever changing, so will theirs!

If a tight schedule is causing more stress than relief, perhaps it’s time to loosen up a bit. Stay at home moms have enough on their plate already, so take your mind off the chaotic life and choose to focus on the important things that can give you peace of mind. Develop positive coping skills such as mindful breathing, yoga or even an outdoor walk, that will allow you to stay sane and relaxed as a stay at home mom.

Remember, it’s not about being perfect or following the same routine everyday. It is all about doing your best on any given day and pouring love into each moment that comes our way – because it will forever shape who we are as stay at home moms.

Additionally, here are a few more ways stay at home moms can stay sane:

25 Ways Stay At Home Moms Stay Sane

1. Prioritize your own mental health and wellbeing ahead of everyone else’s.

2. Schedule some alone time every day, even if it’s just 15 minutes to yourself with a cup of tea or coffee.

3. Don’t be too hard on yourself – remember that you are doing your best and everyone has bad days.

4. Take some time to relax each day, whether it’s reading a book, taking a bubble bath or just laying down for a few minutes with your eyes shut.

5. Make sure you get enough sleep – this is essential for staying sane.

6. Talk to your partner or friends and family about how you’re feeling each day – even if it’s just a few sentences over the phone.

7. Have a hobby that you enjoy, whether it’s baking, gardening or crafting.

8. Exercise regularly – even just a short walk around the block can help clear your head and give you some much needed energy.

9. Try to find humor in any situation – laughter is always the best medicine!

10. Learn to say no when necessary and make sure not to overextend yourself with commitments or tasks that will only add unnecessary stress to your life.

11. Eat healthy meals throughout the day, even if you’re short on time – this will help to keep your energy levels up and your mind clear.

12. Take regular breaks throughout the day, even if it’s just five minutes of stretching or doing some deep breathing exercises.

13. Find a sense of purpose in what you do each day – whether that’s raising your children or running errands for the family.

14. Get outside whenever possible, even for just a few minutes at a time – fresh air does wonders for the soul!

15. Remember to celebrate small wins – every little accomplishment is worth celebrating!

16. Practice mindful living and be present in each moment – this can help you stay grounded and focused when things get overwhelming.

17. Make sure to make time for yourself each day to do something that brings you joy – this could be anything from a hot bath with some essential oils, to painting or writing in your journal.

18. Take up a creative outlet such as drawing, music or dance – these activities can help clear your head and provide a sense of calmness.

19. Utilize technology for communication when possible so that you can stay connected with the outside world and not feel completely isolated at home all day.

20. Get organized – having a plan and structure to your day will help keep you on track and feeling accomplished throughout the day.

21. Have an emergency fund saved up just in case of any unexpected expenses that may arise.

22. Set boundaries with your family and friends so that you can have some space to take care of yourself without feeling guilty about it.

23. Give yourself permission to make mistakes – no one is perfect and learning from our mistakes can help us grow.

24. Don’t forget to enjoy quality time with the people in your life who are important to you, even if it’s just a few minutes each day.

25. And most importantly, don’t ever forget how valuable and amazing you are! You deserve love and respect too!

By taking small steps each day towards being sane as a stay-at-home mom, we can all experience more joy and fulfillment in our lives.

Final Remarks

Every stay at home mom has her own unique life, kids, and schedule. The goal is to find a balance between chaos and order that works for your family – one where you feel both productive and content. In the end, being mindful of yourself will help you stay sane as a stay at home mom.

So, delegate your tasks wisely, battle wisely and be patient – it will help you maintain a sense of sanity while being a stay at home mom. Take time to cherish the moments, savor the memories and enjoy the laughter that comes with raising your children. Being a stay at home mom can be overwhelming but with a positive outlook, it can be an amazing experience.

Good luck! 🙂

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