Natural Birth Tips

Natural Birth Tips: 10 Essential Tips on How to Prepare for a Natural Birth!

Labor can be scary, especially for a first time expecting mom, but what if I told you it doesn’t have to be? I’ve created 10 extremely beneficial, natural birth tips that helped me and other moms I’ve shared this with along the way! 

When I was pregnant with my son, I was blessed to have learned so much information that made me confident and knowledgeable on what to expect going into labor. With that information, I was able to have a successful, natural birth with no pain medications or interventions. Most importantly, I loved my entire experience! I would like to share that with you, so that you too can have a succesful natiral birth!

1.Create a Natural Birth Plan.

Having a birth plan not only gave me confidence, but it gave me something to look forward to, and made me feel like I had control over a very unpredictable labor…

I often hear many people mention how labor is unpredictable and you can never know how it will go. As a first time mom, that was very discouraging and scary for me to hear.

Even more scary for me, was the thought of not having a plan once my water broke and contractions started. Knowing what to do helps you stay calm and lower stress, which is important for helping labor progress!

I can honestly say my labor went exactly according to plan and made my experience so much better.

If you don’t know how to create a birth plan you can get more information from “What to Expect’s Tips on Writing a Birth Plan

2. Take care of yourself and your diet throughout pregnancy.

When your doctor hands you a booklet full of what to and not to eat or drink, all the medicines to throw away and a ton of precautions to take it can seem really overwhelming. Though, I recommend following as many of those precautions as you can, even the ones that are commonly said to be “OK or fine” to do based on another mom’s experiences.

I say this, simply because each mom and baby are DIFFERENT, what worked for them, may not work for you and if it wasn’t harmful to them that does not mean it won’t be for you and your baby. So just remember it’s not forever and its all for your precious baby.

3. Stay active and hydrated.

Yes I know! You’ve heard this tip one, too many times before, and yes I know…it’s so tiring and difficult. I’m not recommending you sign up for a fitness class or even do a 30 minute YouTube workout every day.

I am simply suggesting you STAY ACTIVE, try not to sit in one spot the entire day, walk around the house, up the stairs a couple times a day, take a walk to the park or your favorite local spot. (My favorite spot was the ice cream parlor), talk about motivation! 

After 35 weeks pregnant, 10 squats, twice a day really helps to lower baby and hip circles are great too. I danced around the house a lot. Whatever you do, try to make it fun so you’ll be motivated to do it more!

4. Try not to lay back or recline toward the end of your pregnancy.

Sitting up straight, leaning forward, or practicing the child’s pose helps get baby into the perfect head down position. It also relieves pressure in your back and lowers the chance of sciatica or back labor.

5. Eat, drink and rest plenty before birth!

When you’re getting close to the big day, you definitely DO NOT want to be tired. You’re going to need all of your energy to delivery your baby, try to get in as many hours of sleep as possible. Being tired can cause you to want to throw in the towel too soon into labor, you’ll need all of your strength.

Eating well and staying hydrated plays a large part in your energy levels. Aim for energy boosting foods and plenty water instead of fast food and greasy food, which will only make you more tired.

6. Hire a Doula or birthing coach

I did not have a Doula, although I wanted one, because they are pretty awesome. I did meet with 3 Doulas who were amazing and gave me tons of info.

Doulas are there to support expectant moms before, during and after birth. They are very knowledgeable about hospital and birthing center procedures, and will even come to you’re home if your planning to have a home birth. They work one on one with you in creating a birth plan tailored to your needs.

You can contact your birth center for a list of recommendations or check online.

7. Attend a natural birth class

Birthing class was mandatory at the center I gave birth at. My husband and I received so much information that I felt like I didst even need a Doula anymore.

The class will teach you and your partner what to expect during labor, how to prepare, labor positions, exercise tips and demonstrations, different pain relief techniques, possible interventions, as well as things like hypno-birthing and so much more.

We purchased a 4-week series of classes to attend once per week, my husband learned so much information that he knew EXACTLY what to do in the labor room.

Its best to attend a class at the center you plan to give birth at but you can also find local classes online and through other hospitals as well.

8. Utilize support and resources

There are so many resources offered to expectant moms now and you should take advantage of them all!

Call your insurance provider and ask what resources you have or ask the hospital.

There’s a program here that offers support persons to moms throughout pregnancy and up to 1 year after. It’s called “maternal infant health support”. Find out if your area has something like this that’s free and covered completely under your insurance.

It’s literally their job to check on you, find resources, classes and free baby stuff for you. They’ll talk with you and provide emotional support, offer information and even bring you gifts!
Mine was so helpful and she practically saved my breastfeeding journey when I couldn’t get baby to latch well.

Having someone to talk to helps calm some of the anticipation, nervousness and confusion that comes with being a first time mom.

Also, check online social websites for mom groups and resources.

9. Try to stay positive!

Having negative thoughts about birth and labor can really cripple your birthing experience.

People will tell you so many negative things even without trying. They’ll tell you “you’re crazy for choosing to have a natural birth without any pain medication”. They will tell you their story of how they wanted a natural birth too, but couldn’t because the pain is “too unbearable”. You’ll feel discouraged from all of the people around you who don’t believe in you and THIS will have you go into labor with the wrong mindset.

Those people are WRONG, you can do it! Your body was made for this and with the right confidence, knowledge and support you will succeed in having a natural birth.

10. Drink Raspberry leaf tea

I recommend this tea if this is your first pregnancy, you’re not at risk of pre-term labor, you’re past 37 weeks, and you’ve been given approval from your ob.

Raspberry leaf tea is beneficial in strengthening the uterine wall (making contractions more progressive) and shortening labor duration.

I had 2 or 3 cups the day before going into labor and it helped!

Bonus Natural Birth Tip

I have one more extra tip I want to share for when you are in labor and contractions have started. Of all the natural birth tips I\’ve learned, this is one of my favorites that truly helps!

Try to stay up right. I mentioned this earlier, but you will want to do this. I PROMISE, when you’re in a traditional hospital labor room, they’ll normally have your bed reclined back for better comfort, but it really doesn’t help progress anything.

Leaning back will slow down your contractions, which is good if you need a quick break from the intensity, but slowing down contractions will slow down your labor.

So if, you want to get it over with, keep the contractions coming by sitting up right and leaning slightly forward, do not slouch or sit in a recliner. Instead, try to walk and bounce on a ball, breathe through the contractions and utilize pain relief techniques, such as a warm shower and various massages to lower your stress levels and keep your blood pressure even.


Believe in yourself and your body.

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