Best Potty Training Products

The Best Potty Training Products: Plus 20 Potty Training Tips!

I don’t know a mom or parent who approaches potty training eagerly and with excitement, because it’s just not on the top of our fun things to do list! Yet, it still has to be done. Luckily, I’ve helped many moms successfully potty train their toddlers in as little as 5 days with my Potty Training Guide and some of great potty training products and resources.

In this blog, I’ll be sharing the best potty training products to exist, that are actually worth trying in order to making potty training easier for you. This way, you can use a combination of potty training tips, information and products to make potty training your toddler as seamless as possible. You just may even enjoy the process, as there will be many opportunities for proud mama moments!

The best potty training products on the market are designed to make potty training easier for parents and toddlers through the use of convenience, positive reinforcement, reward systems, timekeeping, and preparation!

We explain how to use all of these potty training techniques in our “POST”, and now we’ll provide the resources needed to help you along the way and ensure you toddler’s potty training success. Keep reading for a helpful guide on the best potty training products available to you.

1. Potty Training Books: There are tons of potty training books out there that can help make the process easier and more enjoyable for both you and your toddler. It’s a great idea to begin reading them a few days before getting started and during. Here we’ve created an entire list of potty training books by age!

2. A Potty Training Reward System: To help encourage and reward your toddler for a job well done. Reward systems work wonders with potty training young minds!

3. A Potty Chair: To make the process more comfortable and less intimidating for your child. Aim for a comfortable chair that best resembles the a real toilet, like the one below.

4. A Step-stool: This is a great way to help them reach the toilet and sink on their own and lessening the mess.

5. A Potty Watch: A fun time keeping device that tracks when your child needs to go and reminds them to do so. You can learn more about how to properly use potty watches and how to choose the best one here.

6. Training Underwear : These are a potty training necessity, and your toddler will love picking out their favorite colors and characters. Some come with extra padding in case of accidents.

7. Waterproof mattress protectors and extra sheets: Just in case accidents occur, this will make the cleaning up easier, faster, and protect your mattress.

8. Flushable Wipes: Easy cleanup for when accidents happen, as baby wipes are not intended for toilet use.

9. A Potty Training Chart: To track your toddler’s potty successes and reward them with a tangible prize. Toddler’s enjoy seeing their progress. Let them place their own sticker on a sticker chart or similar.

10. A Travel Potty Chair : Perfect for trips away from home and cleanliness when using public restrooms.

11. Disposable Toilet Seat Covers: For when you’re out and about and don’t want to have your toddler sit on any public toilet seats.

12. A Potty Training Alarm: To help your toddler learn when they need to go, and even remind them if they forget.

13. Potty Training Dolls: For pretend play and encouragement, in order to keep it fun and interesting. You’ll be surprised how quickly your toddler falls in love with the doll below!

14. Reusable Underwear Covers: For a little extra protection in case accidents occur away from home. This way, your toddler’s clothes will not get ruined and you can quickly clean them up, without anyone knowing!

15. Hand Wipes: To keep next to the potty seat and keep your toddler’s hands clean and germ free when practicing.

These are all products that I have used with success, as well as other moms I personally know! They set my toddler and I up for success right at the start and we were able to master potty training in 5 days! I believe that these products can do the same for you, too!

Now let’s briefly review some potty training tips for success!

20 Potty Training Tips For Success

1. Start when your toddler is ready and interested.

2. Use verbal praise and positive reinforcement.

3. Stick to a consistent schedule, and give them frequent reminders when it’s time to go potty.

4. Use the same words and phrases when you talk about going potty, and use them often!

5. Encourage or ask you toddler to potty frequently, depending on their eating schedule.

6. Avoid forcing your child if they don’t want to go, or filling them up with extra liquids.

7. Make sure your toddler is comfortable by providing different seating options such as a step stool, potty chair, and a warm blanket, top, robe, and socks if they’ll be bottomless.

8. Allow for some playtime while on the toilet; this will make them more likely to want to stay on the toilet for a few minutes longer.

9. Provide rewards and sticker charts for going potty in the potty, using high praise and acknowledgment! This is important!

10. Use disposable or flushable wipes instead of toilet paper, as this is much easier for a toddler’s hands to maneuver, and softer.

11. Have your child wear loose-fitting clothing that can easily be removed when it’s time to go potty; avoid tight clothing like jeans or leggings which can be harder to pull up and down quickly. Consider bottomless potty training for the first few days, and avoid pull-ups if possible.

12. Keep less distractions nearby while your toddler is learning, and stay in one room at a time if possible, with just a few favorite toys, potty books, and puzzles near the potty.

13. Have plenty of patience! Potty training takes time and mistakes are normal during this process. Avoid getting angry or upset, this will prolong the potty training process.

14. Make sure your toddler goes to the bathroom regularly, especially after meals and naps.

15. Avoid drinks with caffeine and high sugar content, as this can lead to accidents.

16. Try to carve out a full 3 days with no distractions or leaving the house if possible. Planning ahead allow for your to take off work if needed or schedule it on the weekend.

17. Allow your toddler to choose their own underwear; this will make them more excited to use it!

18. Teach basic hygiene habits such as wiping themselves properly and washing hands afterwards.

19. Don’t give up if your toddler doesn’t get it right away, it takes repetition an consistency.

20. Have fun! Use games and activities to keep things interesting for your toddler, sing and dance when they go potty, create a reward basket, and ask family members to praise and encourage your toddler highly as well.

Stay positive, be patient, and above all else have fun! You will both get there in time; remember that it’s a process and I’m sure you and your toddler will be successful with potty training.

If you need more help or advice, check out the recommended resources below, and reach out to us using the contact form and email located on our blog if needed!

Happy Potty Training!

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