Loneliness as a stay at home mom

How To Overcome Loneliness As A Stay At Home Mom Plus 10 Tips

For most, being a stay at home mom can feel pretty lonely and isolated at times. There’s no doubt about it. While some may experience this less often than others, it’s still very common and normal to experience loneliness as a stay at home mom. In this blog post I’ll be sharing my own experience with feelings of loneliness as a stay at home mom, what to do when you feel lonely as a stay at home mom, and ways to avoid and overcome that feeling.

Most stay at home moms feel lonely as a result of spending most days in the house, taking care of the home and family, with little time to interaction with people in the world on a daily basis. Even if you are surrounded by family, you may still feel lonely as a stay at home mom if you find that you don’t have a lot support or people to relate to.

When you feel lonely as a stay at home mom, it can effect your mood, your lifestyle and others around you. In some cases it may even have an effect on the way you parent your children. That is why it’s important to recognize when you’re feeling this way and learn how to address it, so that it doesn’t take a toll on your lifestyle. Continue reading if you understand what it’s like to feel lonely sometimes as a stay at home mom and need some guidance and support.

Why Do You Feel Lonely As A Stay At Home Mom?

You may feel lonely as a stay at home mom if you find yourself so busy in the home that you find it difficult to create room for opportunities to meet and spend time with people outside of the home. This could be due to a lack of available babysitters, wanting to spend your free time alone to decompress, or simply not having the time in your day to make it happen.

For me, it’s all of the above. But also, loneliness can be experienced even when you’re surrounded by people. It’s very common to feel lonely as a stay at home mom if you find that you can’t relate to the people around you or don’t have much in common with other women you know. This can make you feel as if no one understands you. You may also feel lonely as a stay at home mom if you don’t receive support from those around you.

All of these feeling are some of what I feel more often than I often admit as a stay at home mom, but admitting and knowing, is the first step to learning and overcoming.

Whatever may be the cause of your feelings of loneliness, there are ways to address these feelings so they don’t become overwhelming and take a toll on our lifestyle.

What To Do When You Feel Lonely As A Stay At Home Mom

When you feel lonely as a stay at home mom, it’s important not to allow those feeling to overpower what you know is dear and true. Try to remember that being a stay at home mom is only temporary and things are constantly changing. Know that hard times don’t last always and the days will get brighter. In this busy, but very meaningful season try to focus on the positive things that are easy to see, such as the smiles on your children’s faces when they spend time with you, or the doctor saying your little ones are healthy and thriving.

Look around you every day and think of 5 things to be thankful for like your home; food on the table; healthy, happy and safe children; natural sunlight and natures beauties; your spouse, your own health, and more. When you practice everyday gratitude and positivity, you’ll be able to feel more connected in current season and experience peace among the difficulties.

Other ways to cope when feeling lonely as a stay at home mom include taking time for yourself, reaching out for help when needed, getting involved in your children’s activities or volunteering in your community. Creating structures in the day that can help make it easier (meal prep, meal planning, cleaning schedules etc.), may free up more time throughout the week to make time for spending time with other women and stay at home moms who may be experiencing the same feelings and lifestyle as you.

Finding ways to address the loneliness, rather than just ignoring and coping are key to actually overcoming loneliness as a stay at home mom long term. It will look different from mom to mom, but finding what works will be worth the effort.

How To Avoid and Overcome Loneliness As A Stay At Home Mom

One way to avoid lonely feelings as a stay at home mom is to focus on creating healthy

relationships in your life with those that understand you, are supportive and encouraging. This could mean investing more time into friendships; getting closer to God; closer to your spouse or partner; or even learning to enjoy the relationships with you children past the everyday tasks and business of motherhood.

Other ways to avoid lonely feelings as a stay at home mom include: joining online communities; taking up a hobby or getting involved in an organization that interests you; pursuing new challenges and experiences like going back to school or starting a business; or exploring the opportunities around your city.

Creating meaningful connections with other like-minded moms can be done through online mom communities, joining local parenting groups or even just having regular meet ups with friends and family who have kids. Having a team of people to talk to about your struggles, share stories and experiences with, can be so helpful.

Ways to connect with increase your relationship with God so that you know you’re never alone are spending time in prayer and journaling, reading the Bible, devotionals, and Christian books, attending church or bible studies, or joining a small moms church group.

Furthermore, you can combat lonely feelings by create a daily routine that focuses on self-care and fills your day with activities that you enjoy doing. This way moments of loneliness can open the door for you to spend more time with yourself, getting to know yourself and focusing on you feelings, interests, and health. Find ways to stay active such as taking walks or exercising, reading books or listening to podcasts. Take time for yourself each day to remind you that it’s ok to have lonely feelings, but also that there are ways of overcoming them.

In addition, there are also practical ways to address loneliness as a stay at home mom. Here are some things you can do:

  • Make time for yourself, even if it’s just 10 minutes to relax and do something that brings you joy.
  • Ask your friends or family members to join you on a weekly basis for coffee or lunch dates.
  • Seek out opportunities to volunteer in your local community.
  • Reach out and talk with other stay at home moms for support and encouragement.
  • Make sure to set boundaries with family and friends when needed.
  • Take a break from technology or social media if it’s causing you stress or making you lonely.
  • Get involved in your children’s activities, like their sports teams, scout troops etc., or start something new.
  • Take up a hobby or join a club for your own interests.
  • Get outside and explore nature, like taking walks or hikes, exploring nearby parks etc.,

By expanding our faith in God, social circle, networking, and making use of time alone and available resources such as libraries, museums, parks etc., we open ourselves up to new joy, and experiences that can help us feel less lonely in the long term. Not just in the moment!

Final Remarks

Every mom is unique and the strategies for avoiding and overcoming lonely feelings will vary from person to person. It is important to take some time to get clear on your own personal needs and find ways that personally work for you.

Loneliness as a stay at home mom is common and it’s okay to experience lonely emotions when you are in this season of motherhood, but being aware of your lonely feelings, understanding them, and finding ways to cope and avoid lonely feelings will help you thrive and enjoy in this beautiful and meaningful season!

It can be hard, but remember that you do have options. Whether it’s making time for yourself, volunteering, or joining in on online support groups like those created specifically for stay at home moms, there are plenty of ways to manage these feelings you experience. You don’t have to go it alone.

Make use of the many resources available out there and find the one that works best for you

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